Mauricia Cebulec-Gardner

(CFO/COO with international expertise in the regulated finance arena)

Worked with Maria at Finisterre Capital
"Maria is sociable, outgoing and remains annoyingly cheerful no matter what life throws at her. Never shy of trying new things, she combines her rigorous fitness regime with a strong work ethic; it is no exaggeration to say that in every sense Maria goes the extra mile! She was always willing to help, a friendly and dependable colleague with a wide range of practical skills and a can-do attitude, Maria is definitely the sort of person who you would want in the trenches beside you"
Nathan Farrugia

(CEO, Ultimate Performance, President, Inspire Foundation, Chair, Voluntary Organisations Council, Owner Hellfire Events, Endurance Athlete)

Nathan and Maria worked together at Inspire - the foundation for inclusion
"I have known Maria under different guises, including Marketing and Fundraising manager at Inspire. As part of my senior management team, Maria was involved in the strategic direction of the organisation, guiding us on marketing and fundraising strategies. Maria also led a team of 5 people and tens of volunteers to reach our fundraising targets, setting objectives, leading and managing their performance. Maria is well-liked and approachable. She is keen and knowledgeable in marketing & PR and always open to making an impact through her work. I now work with Maria as an independent PR professional and look forward to the continued relationship through our sports events business. I am happy to recommend Maria as a professional and as a person of trust"
Ian Cremona

(UX UI and Interaction Designer at Mohemian)

Ian and Maria scaled Kilimanjaro, the highest free standing mountain in the world and worked together to promote the charitable initiative Kilimanjaro Challenge 3
"I know Maria through the Kilimanjaro Challenge and all the fund raising events we had organized around it which required a lot of different qualities. She demonstrated a high degree of expertise when dealing with the media even though it was for a hobbyist cause, her presentation was clear and immediately actionable. Maria is extremely enthusiastic about her work which is infectious. Even though I know Maria as an casual friend and not a colleague, I can easily recommend her work. I wish you the best of luck for life cycle 2009!"
Mariella MacLeod

(Dickory Dock Concierge & Snout Malta)

Worked with Maria on the Board of JCI Malta and organization of the JCI European Development Council Meeting - 2005
"I have known Maria since 1999 when she joined JCI Malta as a member. Very soon after becoming an active member, she joined the Board of Directors. She always worked with diligence and attention to detail. She listens and is always willing to learn. She is creative and energetic and I would have her on my team at any time! She went on to lead the organisation in Malta for two years as National President. It has been a great pleasure to work with Maria over the years and I know she will be an asset to any organization"
Kevin Cullinane

(Head of Communications, CMO, Cork Airport, daa plc)

Worked with Maria when she was National President of JCI Malta and he was JCI World President
"I have known Maria for several years both as a business leader and young entrepreneur. Her iniate supportive demeanor and professional approach to every project she tackles is an inspiration in Malta and throughout Europe. A dedicated professional and supportive colleague her quiet disposition belies her drive and enthusiasm to be better. She leads by example and has a passion for action and a search for excellence in everything that she does. A trusted friend and outstanding colleague I am happy to endorse Maria for any job that demands a standard of excellence delivered with a nuturing and caring leadership."
Alexander Axiotiadis

(Chief Commercial Officer at Veriah)

Worked with Maria when she was assigned on a Marketing Project in Vodafone Albania
"I had the chance to work with Maria during her temporary assignment at Vodafone Albania in our commercial department. She is a generous person who is never afraid to take on a challenging task. Even though her assignment was temporary, she was highly motivated and dedicated to the job from day one. Her performance was outstanding. Maria is extremely persistent, and intelligent and delivers on her tasks. She is a team player, and a great person, who can easily adapt to any environment. It is a joy and a privilege to have worked with her"
David Pace

(Partner, Advisory Services, KPMG Malta)

Worked with Maria on the Board of JCI Malta
"Maria successfully led the team responsible for hosting a prestigious international JCI event in Malta. As a member of that team (and back then a new member of the organisation) she fully supported me to fulfil my role. I experienced Maria's high levels of energy and focus on getting the right things done at the right time."
Michel Gontard

(Regional Sales Director MEA, GCC, Indian Ocean)

Worked with Maria on Vodafone projects
"Maria is an exceptional professional lady and a fantastic senior team player who knows how to get things done. Maria is great at defining strategies and excels in execution and driving it through to success. A very key member of any team and a real asset, leader to any organisation such as JCI &/or outside"
Marianne Nordli

(Head of Competence at The Progressive Party)

Worked with Maria on the Board of JCI Malta
"I recommend this professional lady. It has been a pleasure to work with her in JCI. She and her team invited me on several occasions to do trainings for the JCI Malta members. They acted professionally under the leadership of Maria. The results were always outstanding and to the best of the members in JCI Malta and their business partners.
Reginald C.J. Schaumans (senior)

(Cultural Change and Leadership Coach and Consultant)

Worked with Maria on the Board of JCI Malta
"I know Maria as a driven and visionary leader, able to motivate people. A great person always eager to learn and to excel"
Emanuel Said

(Lecturer in Marketing at University of Malta)

Emanuel was Maria's Tutor during her final dissertation when reading for her MBA
"I am very afraid that any recommendation on Maria will not do her enough justice. I got to know Maria during her MBA studies at Henley Management College and later helped Maria in tackling her research for her dissertation. Maria came across as a very diligent and versatile student, with many talents on reserve. She has an outstanding capability in working to set goals and objectives, typically committed to such without allowing distracting obstacles to hinder her way. She is a fast learner, capable to applying learnings into action at an impressive speed. Socially, Maria makes great company - capable of keeping conversations and discussions on a range of issues: from sports to current affairs, from business to technology. I am sure that Maria makes a valued asset to any present and prospective employer, an exceptional student (in whatever programme of education) and an outstanding company in any social occasion"
Fabio Spiteri

(Double Ironman Triathlon Finisher)

"Emvigee has always been instrumental for my race write-ups which are important for us as its the only way we can thank our sponsors who help us through the competitive season."