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Posted 8th Jan 2020

CANICROSS | Trail Running with Four Legged Partners

First edition to take place on Sunday 8th March

Local Triathlete and animal lover Fabio...

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Posted 22nd Dec 2019

SAILING | Tommaso De Fontes wins Mapfre Middlesea Euromed Regatta.

Four days of intensive sailing draw to a close

The Mapfre Middlesea Euromed Regatta, hosted by...

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Posted 21st Dec 2019

SAILING | Tricky conditions challenge Mapfre Middlesea Euromed Regatta fleet

The optimal conditions experienced yesterday were short lived and the third day of the Mapfre...

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Posted 20th Dec 2019

SAILING | Optimal weather conditions for second day of Mapfre Middlesea Euromed Regatta

Mapfre Middlesea Euromed Regatta continued today, when the second day of racing took place under...

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Posted 19th Dec 2019

SAILING | Mapfre Middlesea Euromed Regatta kicks off in Mellieha Bay

The Mapfre Middlesea Euromed International Championships kicked off today in Mellieha Bay. ...

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