International Equestrian Event - World Dressage Challenge hosted in Malta

24th Nov 2014

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Last Saturday the Malta Equestrian Federation, in conjunction with the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) hosted the World Dressage Challenge at Monte Kristo Estate. The objective of this Challenge is to give the less experienced Dressage riders who, under normal circumstances, cannot take part in international Dressage competitions the opportunity to compete internationally without having to leave their own country.

The Competition is currently divided into twelve geographical Zones, made up of between four and six countries. Malta is competing in Zone Four, against Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Israel. Riders competed in four performance levels (Advanced, Medium, Elementary and Preliminary) and two age groups (12-15 yrs; 16 yrs and older). 

All riders of the FEI World Dressage Challenge are judged on the same tests and by the same ground jury within each geographical zone. Riders compete on an individual level and results are based on the highest total percentage achieved.   A Team Classification is also held and is based on the highest total percentage obtained by the 3 best riders of a National Federation’s Team. Team Malta, selected by the National Equestrian Federation was made up of Tommy Xuereb, Margot Draper, Lara Selvagi and Corinne Gauci.  The results of Team Malta’s efforts in the overall Group Classification will be known once all countries within the Zone have completed their Challenges. 

“The Malta Equestrian Federation is very proud of this year’s success, not only from an organisation level but also from the progress registered in the overall performances when compared to previous years. This shows the hard work our athletes put into their sport, working hard all the year round to ensure their best performance is given in the only international Dressage event” said Mr. Ronald Gaerty, President of the Malta Equestrian Federation. “I also would like to add that the success of this event is also due to the number of volunteers that put in so much time and effort into the organisation of this event as well as those organisations, such as Zetruf, that have supported this event. Without these organisations and volunteers all this would not be possible. 

Throughout the event a total of twenty two riders competed across four classes. Participation in the World Dressage Challenge is possible through a qualifying system, where riders participate in two qualifying events throughout the year. Riders are required to obtain a minimum percentage as established by the Federation in order to take part in the final event. 

The event was judged by International Judges Elke Ebert (Germany) and Victoire Mandl (Austria) who both have a wealth of experience and expertise in equestrian sport on an international level. 

The 2014 FEI World Dressage Challenge in Malta was made possible through the support of Zeturf, Golden Tulip Vivaldi Hotel Malta, Studio 7, Calypso Manufacturing and Monte Kristo Estate. 


Individual Classification - Results. 

Preliminary Juniors - Sophie Busuttil (Abby)

Preliminary Adults  - Margot Draper (Quarter Boy)  (1st)

                              Max Borg (Iris) (2nd)

                              Daniel Micallef (Iris) (3rd)

Elementary Juniors - Corinne Gauci (Let’s Fly)

Elementary Adults  -  Tommy Xuereb (Candy Rose) (1st)

                               Celine Schmid (Gianna) (2nd)

                               Lara Selvagi (Explosion) (3rd)

Medium Adults  -       Celine Schmid (Gianna) 

Advanced Adults -      Lawrence Ciarlo (Zilona)


 Tommy Xuereb on Candy Rose