ATHLETICS | Aidan Tanti, Tara Abdilla triumph at the Eurosport BSJ 5k Road Running Series

15th Aug 2020

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The 2020 edition of the Eurosport BSJ 5k Road Running Series came to an end earlier on this week, when the third and final race of the series took place on the Mtarfa Bypass.


Race three saw the return of Andrew Grech, following a five-month absence from racing.  Grech took a comfortable lead with a posse of runners following him.  As the first lap was completed, Grech continued to maintain the lead with Matthew Cutajar and Matthew Xuereb trailing behind him.  With this position kept for most of the race, many predicted that this trio would make up the final podium. However, towards the end Xuereb edged Cutajar to overtake him and finish in second place.  With the finish line in sight, Alan Camilleri, who also had been absent from racing for quite a while and who for most of the race was well behind Xuereb and Cutajar, quietly edged himself forward past Cutajar and Mark Pace to provide an unexpected surprise finish of the day. Camilleri took a well-deserved third placing on the podium.


MALES PODIUM (Left to Right) - Matthew Xuereb (2nd), Andrew Grech (1st), Alan Camilleri (3rd)

There were no surprises in the Female category. Tara Abdilla finished the race first, with Francesca Arrigo and Carmen Hili taking their place, once again on the podium in second and third place respectively.


FEMALES PODIUM (Left to Right) - Francesca Arrigo (2nd), Tara Abdilla (1st), Carmen Hili (3rd)

Overall Classification

The Overall Classification is based on the results athletes registered in all three of the races.  Aidan Tanti, who won the first race of the Series, was the overall winner of the Series, followed by Imed Ben Moussa. These two athletes practically ran the league together with few seconds separating them at the finish line. In third place was George Vella. 


MALES PODIUM (Left to Right) - Imed Ben Moussa (2nd), Aidan Tanti (1st), George Vella (3rd)

In the Females’ Category Tara Abdilla retained the Series crown from last year.  Abdilla performed extremely well throughout the series, registering improved times in every single race.  Francesca Arrigo, who took second place also registered improved times throughout the series whilst veteran Carmen Hili registered with a consistent performance throughout.

Presentations, in keeping with social distancing protocols took place at the end of the race.  Trophies were presented to the winners by Club Officials Joseph Farrugia and Maria Vella-Galea.   Daniel Mangion was the winner of the Coros Multisport GPS watch, courtesy of Coros Malta.  The watch was raffled amongst those athletes who took part in all three races.

“Birkirkara St. Joseph is satisfied with the outcome of this year’s Series which were held during challenging times. We are grateful for the co-operation shown by athletes. This year is a special year for the Club which is celebrating 45 years since its inception” explained Euchar Camilleri, Secretary General, Birkirkara St. Joseph Sports Club. “The Club’s next athletic commitments are the Eurosport Malta International Challenge Marathon (27-28-29 November) and the Eurosport Fleur De Lys Races on the 13th December. We hope that despite the current Covid-19 situation, these races will be able to take place”.

Eurosport BSJ 5k Road Running Series – Race 3 Results





Andrew Grech (15:45)

Tara Abdilla (18:06)


Matthew Xuereb (16:27)

Francesca Arrigo (19:15)


Alan Camilleri (16:32)

Carmen Hili (19:51)


Eurosport BSJ 5k Road Running Series – Overall Results





Aidan Tanti

Tara Abdilla


Imed Ben Moussa

Francesca Arrigo


George Vella

Carmen Hili


Photo Credit: Deacon Xuereb / DXPhotography