OPEN WATER SWIMMING | Camilleri, Demicoli on top of respective categories as the Garmin BSJ Open Water Swimming Championships progress.

13th Aug 2020

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The third race of the Garmin BSJ Open Water Swimming Championship took place in Salina Bay on Wednesday 12th August and held under the auspices of the Aquatic Sports Association of Malta.


Andre Camilleri was the outright winner, finishing the two-kilometre race in 25 mins 32 seconds.  Though not his best time from the Championship, it was still an improvement from the previous race.  Behind him was Sarah Demicoli, who is still dominating the female segment of the series.  Third out of the water was Stefano Debono Grech, one second behind Demicoli. He was followed shortly after by Bernard Sant.  Contention for third place in the female category was close, with Leah Satariano getting the better of Hannah Cutajar with a gap of just two seconds.


Males Podium: Left to Right - Stefano Debono Grech (2nd), Andre Camilleri (1st), Bernard Sant (3rd)


Females Podium: Left to Right - Kelsey Borg (2nd), Sarah Demicoli (1st), Leah Satariano (3rd)

Photo Credits: Deacon Xuereb/ DX Photography 

With two races left to go, the overall Classification sees Andre Camilleri and Sarah Demicoli top their respective categories.

The final two-kilometre race is scheduled to take place on Sunday 16th August at 730am, whilst the final race of the Championship – a four-kilometre race will take place on Wednesday 19th August at 5pm. Both Races will take place in Salina Bay.

Online Registrations are open and can be done via the Club’s Website - https://bkarastjoseph.com/index.php?id=178

Garmin BSJ Open Water Swimming Competitions - Results





Andre Camilleri (25:32)

Sarah Demicoli (27:08)


Stefano Debono Grech (27:09)

Kelsey Borg (28:54)


Bernard Sant (28:20)

Leah Satariano (29:45)