SWIMMING | Successful show for X-Waters (Malta) Open Water Swim

22nd Oct 2019

In: Swimming Post By: Maria


Over 200 foreign swimmers took the plunge and experienced the crystal blue waters of the Malta – Gozo – Comino Channel on Sunday when they took part in the X-Waters Malta swim. 


The X-Waters project was brought to Malta through an initiative by Agones SFC in collaboration with Birkirkara St. Joseph Sports Club who brings into the project years of experience in Open Water competitions in Malta.

Competitors, who were representing 14 countries, including Brazil, could choose from three distances – 6km (Gozo – Malta), 2.3km (Comino – Malta) and a 1km loop close to the Marfa Shore. Overall the swimmers encountered favourable weather conditions particularly in the Gozo to Comino leg. Strong currents close to Marfa posed the hardest challenge in all the race route.

Despite the race being considered as ‘off season’ for the local swimming community, Malta was represented by 32 athletes – notable results were registered by Isabelle Zarb and Richard Zerafa in the 6km swim, whilst Felicienne Mercieca and Roberto Russo were first Maltese in the 2.3km swim. 

“We are highly satisfied with the outcome of this project.  The success is two fold. The continuation of our efforts to place Malta as a sports destination for international athletes and providing local athletes with the opportunity to race against a varied field of swimmers,” explained Warren Muscat, Director, X-Waters (Malta). “Moreover, Agones and Birkirkara St. Joseph Sports Club joined forces to bring this event into fruition, making sure that both Clubs’ strengths were brought in to completment each others’ efforts”.

X-Waters Malta was co-hosted by Agones SFC and Birkirkara St. Joseph Sports Club and supported by Garmin Malta, Visit Gozo,  Olimp Sport Nutrition, Nyoo Destination Wellness, Gozo Sports Board and the Ministry for Gozo.

Twelve X-Waters events currently are held in 6 countries around Europe and the Middle East.

The 2020 X-Waters Malta event will take place between the 16th and 17th October.