Boulder revetment completed at Marina di Valletta

18th Dec 2017

In: Marine, Yachting Post By: Maria

A rubble mound boulder revetment has been installed along the quay of Marina Road in Pieta.  The revetment works were initiated in early 2017 with studies of the seabed and is result of a detailed and simulated wave study by leading hydrography specialists Artelia in France.

Artelia have been also responsible for further wave climate studies within our inner harbours from previous studies conducted by Transport Malta. The revetment will absorb long wave (swell) from less favourable north to easterly conditions and shall ascertain that the Marina wave climate is safe for all year round berthing as per acceptable significant wave height calculations set out within industry reference which are the Australian standards.

A second phase is planned, where the Marina shall be installing a pontoon directly in front of the revetment. The pontoon, to be supplied by the same leading pontoon supplier Ingemar Srl shall be braced to the quay with an innovative and industry first installation in Malta through the use of hinged A-Frame pillars. The pontoon, once completed, shall extend the Marina’s occupancy and shall offer berthing for ribs and boats from 5 – 10 metres ( 15 – 30 feet) all year round.  This phase will also include a private parking/layover for Marina patrons to load/unload their goods from Marina Street, Pieta.

Parking and Rib transfer from the Haywharf Quay shall be included within berthing rates.

“This penultimate phase of Marina di Valletta concludes works scheduled for 2017 and we are pleased to have met all deadlines set out with Government and Marina users alike. The Marina reports strong early bookings for 2017 and 2018 is already very promising.  The final phase of the project is scheduled for Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 of 2018 and will envisage the construction of the new Marina Offices and Clubhouse with targeted completion before the opening of next season”.


Photo Courtesy: Marina di Valletta/Rene Rossignaud